Here is what people think of their player's experience with Power Through Basketball.

Veton on training for his son, Latif

"Since working with Elliot my son's skill set has completely changed.  He first met Elliot when he was 8, now he is 11.  Elliot coaches with a passion for the game and makes it very fun and enjoyable for the kids, while still being serious enough to get them to learn.  Elliot brings out your child's strengths that will make them standout in the group that other coaches may overlook.  My son is a 6th grader who also tried out for the Junior High 7th and 8th grade teams and made those as well.  Prior to meeting Elliot he had no formal basketball training.  I really wish we would have met him sooner.  His enthusiasm in coaching and professionalism sets him apart.  I strongly recommend you give him a chance with your athlete, you will not be disappointed."

Yvonne on individual training for her son, Adam

"Our son was determined to make the high school basketball team.  He only played a few years of park district basketball and did not make the junior high team.  He went to a summer camp for the high school team and we all realized how much ground he needed to make up.  We found Coach Elliot at Power Through Basketball and from day one we saw improvement.  Coach Elliot instilled confidence in our son and honed in on exactly what he needed to improve, coached him in the core competencies and he never looked back.  Five months later, our son not only made his freshman team but the coaches commented that he was a totally different player from the summer! We are so grateful to Elliot for all he has done and continues to do with our son!"

Greg on Zoom training for his son, Quentin

"Coach Elliot knows how to motivate and instruct players. He is able to pinpoint workouts to the skill level needed for a range of abilities. Elliot developed the right work out at the right time for our son. We are very happy with the structure, skills, and services Coach Elliot is able to provide even under difficult circumstances."

Angelina & Louie on small group training for their son, Anthony

"PTB provided our son an opportunity to turn his interest in basketball into a passion. With skill building, team work and personalized coaching, we have seen our son's skill set and love for the game of basketball grow. Coach Elliot provides a challenging, yet differentiated experience for his players, all while creating an environment for kids of all skill sets to thrive! PTB is a great place for your player to take their basketball experiences to a new level!"

Marty on small group training for his sons, Micah & Noah

"Coach Elliot's training approach has helped our children not only improve their skills but also their overall confidence in themselves. His energy is contagious and strives to make each session count!"