My name is Elliot Engelmann and I am thankful to have coached so many student athletes with Power Through Basketball. I started PTB in March of 2018 because I wanted to help share the knowledge I learned on my basketball journey with players that want to be challenged to achieve their best on and off the court.

For as long as I can remember, basketball has been a huge focal point for my personal development. Basketball taught me many life skills that have been sharpened on and off the court. Focus, communication, hard work and team work are crucial life skills that basketball helped instill in me. Those skills provided me opportunities throughout my professional career.

As a coach, I strive to prioritize those skills with each student athlete that I work with. The journey of self improvement is never ending and basketball can be a great teacher to young players and a great reminder to more seasoned players. I’ve been fortunate to train players ranging from as young as 5 years old with no experience, to professional basketball players that are currently under contract over seas.

Most of the players I train are somewhere in-between. All PTB classes will provide skill development opportunities for players to improve their skills in an appropriate setting. All players will compete against themselves and their peers. Learning how to compete is an essential skill that translates to more than basketball.

Lastly, I think positive change comes in small, sometimes overlooked steps. A lot of the time spent working on your game will be alone, so you have to become your own coach. My programming will help you continue to improve your game, even outside of PTB classes!